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Breakthrough Discuss 2018

SSI Senior Associate Dr. Heidi Fearn and Senior Advisor Jeff Greason join the Progress in Novel Space Propulsion panel at Breakthrough Discuss 2018.

Breakthrough Discuss was an invitation-only conference held April 12th and 13th at Stanford University featuring a who’s-who of advanced Space biology and physics topics. The conferences was co-hosted by Stanford University’s Department of Physics, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, NASA Astrobiology Institue and NASA Ames Research Center.

The complete video is uncut and includes long stretches of blank space, such as for the lunch break, but you can scroll through it and the video link we placed below should begin at the start of the Progress in Novel Space Propulsion session (6 hours 17 minutes into the 7 and a half hour video).

see the breakthrough Discuss agenda at:

Will you be at the ISDC?

From last week’s members only SSI eUpdate:

This year, the National Space Society, one of the largest Space Advocacy organizations on our planet, will be featuring two awards of direct interest to Space Studies Institute Associates:

Jeff Bezos, Founder of Blue Origin and Founder and CEO of will receive the Gerard K. O’Neill Award for Space Settlement and Professor Freeman Dyson, a dear man with credits to Science and Humanity – and SSI – far too numerous to name, will be receiving the Heinlein Award.

A very exciting fact that isn’t yet on the NSS pages is that Space Studies Institute Co-Founder Tasha O’Neill will be doing the presentations to Mr. Bezos and Professor Dyson.

Everyone involved in Space knows that the NSS knows how to put on a show and the ISDC is always THE place to meet old friends and make new Space relationships.

We encourage you to look at your calendar and set aside May 24th-27th 2018 for this year’s once in a lifetime event.

Read the press release on this year’s Gerard K. O’Neill Award here:

And on Professor Dyson’s Heinlein Award here:

Freeman Dyson and The High Frontier
Freeman Dyson and The High Frontier

Ok, let’s list the Professor’s credits:

And let him encourage you to enjoy some summer reading:

Thank you Senior Associates

The Space Studies Institute sincerely thanks our new and renewing SSI Senior Associates and contributers.

R. Richards, VA
K. Rogers, CA
R. Bunting, CA
M. Perry, CA
R. Nord, ID
C. Oostdyk, CA
E. Tate, MA
L. Quigley, MA
E. Roebke, CA
K. Preddie, AZ
R. Lewis, PA
J. Woodward, CO
K. Gallant, NY
D. Beinhoff, VA
R. Sugg, OH
W. Patton, WY
M. Hornik, DC
T. O’Neill, NJ
C. Sunshine, CA
C. Renaud
B. Boardman, NC
M. Pinkerton, TX

Thanks to you, SSI is Working Today on The High Frontier.
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