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Right Now 2081 and The High Frontier are FREE

*** This Free giveaway ended September 10th. If you missed it, the price is just $6..99 USD, a minor investment in a major future!***

SSI President Gary C Hudson shows the evolution of reading... as predicted in the book 2081
SSI President Gary C Hudson shows the evolution of reading… as predicted in the book 2081

We broke the news yesterday for SSI Associates to get their jump start and now it’s open for everyone:

For a limited time The Space Studies Institute is giving away the Kindle editions of Gerard K. O’Neill’s 2081 and The High Frontier for free!

2081, an amazing look at the future rising around us, and The High Frontier, the cornerstone book of the NewSpace generation, are both regularly priced at $6.99 USD but right now they are  online around the planet for free download from the websites and Kindle stores.

For details on 2081, just jump down to the previous SSI Blog post and as for The High Frontier, well, if you haven’t heard of it then it’s time you laid the right foundation in your Space education.

Gerard K. O’Neill’s The High Frontier is a landmark book.  A stunning, readable treatise.

Space is the place where there are no limits  and where benefits to ALL of Humanity – everywhere – are free for the using with no need to harm anyone.

Sound far fetched? Sound naively Utopian and absolutely unachievable? Until a person actually reads The High Frontier for themselves, they should be careful about jumping to conclusions.

In The High Frontier, Princeton Nuclear Physicist Gerard K. O’Neill asks the famous question:

“Is a planetary surface, any planetary surface,
really the best place for an expanding technological civilization?”

And then he systematically looks at what it means for a civilization to expand, what such a civilization truly needs for real positive growth, and finds that all of those requirements and more are in no way out of reach.

Professor O’Neill makes this book of real science and real technology readable by most everyone by using fascinating “Letters From Space” followed by clear explanations of the hows and whys.  O’Neill was a world-renowned scientist but he had the gift to make even the most technical information completely understandable.

If you’ve never personally read 2081 and The High Frontier, you are in for a truly amazing experience. If you haven’t read them in a while then now is a great time to refresh your memories!

To get your free copies, log into your account using your web browser or start the Kindle Store in your Kindle app or device to search for the “O’Neill Kindle 2081″ and “O’Neill Kindle The High Frontier”.

Make sure you see that the price of the books are $0.00 (zero).

Click on the Buy Now button.  Note that the Buy Now is not the one for the kindleunlimited subscription program. 2091 and THF free kindle buy now

“Sync” your Kindle device or app to see your new books in your bookshelf and click them to begin the downloads.

They’re all yours so Start Reading!

Read on your Android, iOS or Windows Phone while in line at the grocery then pick up where you left off while relaxing at home with your tablet then start right up again on your Kindle Fire, Voyager or DX and even steal a few minutes at work using the Kindle program on your full Mac or Windows PC.

Pass the word!

The Space Studies Institute is giving away the Kindle editions of Gerard K. O’Neill’s 2081 and The High Frontier.

Twitter the news, Blog it, Facebook it, email it, spread the word and do it today!

These are the expected 2081 Kindle edition pages:
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Amazon Australia and Amazon India

These are the expected pages for The High Frontier Kindle edition:
In the US:
Amazon CanadaAmazon UK,
Amazon GermanyAmazon France,
Amazon SpainAmazon Italy,
Amazon NetherlandsAmazon Japan,
Amazon BrazilAmazon Mexico,
Amazon Australia and Amazon India

The clock is ticking on this limited time offer, get yours now and tell your friends!

important notes: Amazon Kindle promotions may not be available in all countries or areas, as of this writing it appears that all of the Amazon links above are showing the price as zero but the exact countries and timings are up to Amazon. Due to the way eCommerce systems work, Start and End times of free book promotions can not be exactly specified.  SSI Kindle editions are available in many countries but at this time the texts are only available in English.

From the SSI vault… Life on The High Frontier

For many years, OMNI Magazine was the jewel of popular Science and Science/Speculative Fiction periodicals and the Space Studies Institute had quite a relationship with the magazine – SSI CoFounder Gerard K. O’Neill did interviews and wrote articles and OMNI’s legendary Founder and President Kathy Keeton sat on the SSI Board of Advisors.

In the October 1984 “Life in the 21st Century” issue, O’Neill contributed the piece “The High Life In Space.” You can now read that again as it appeared in OMNI thanks to a new company, OMNI Media, making all of the old issues available in high quality color Kindle format on the site for a small price.

That’s the slick paper version… with the story’s future date of “October 4, 2018″

Right here, you can now read the original draft version “Life on The High Frontier”, straight from Gerry’s dot-matrix printer.

Why bring this out of the SSI vault today?



Life on The High Frontier page 1 Continue reading From the SSI vault… Life on The High Frontier

A Free PDF from SSI

SSI 10th Conference Remarks Document Cover

This is the 90th Birthday week of Space Studies Institute’s founder Gerard K. O’Neill and over on the Space Studies Institute Facebook Page we’ve been posting some snippets from Gerry’s Opening Remarks at the 10th SSI-Princeton Conference on Space Manufacturing.

It was O’Neill’s last time together with the whole SSI membership, scientists and engineers and this short conference opener was, as they say, “A Doozy.”  There is nothing unclear or fluffy in the Professor’s words.

Acquiring copies of the complete collection of SSI Conference Proceedings is an expensive task for individuals, mostly these books are part of private research libraries, so there’s a chance that many even in the SSI family haven’t yet seen all of the details of the real work that can make The High Frontier Concept a reality.  We’re working on ways to make the volumes more accessible, but for right now we’d like to share with you this one small but very important chapter… The full text of those Gerard K. O’Neill Opening Remarks.

If you’ve been reading the quotes on the Facebook page and want more in context, or if you just stopped by here and are open for a very good read, it’s all yours on a free PDF from SSI.  I’ve read it myself and it clocks in at less than 6 minutes… but it packs quite a punch.

90 times Earth has moved around the sun since Gerard O’Neill was born, 40 times since he and Tasha started SSI to work on making a better future for Human Beings.  How many more times does the planet have to run in circles before we take it upon ourselves to pitch in and help its people truly get somewhere?

Click here right now to download and read this free PDF

It’s high time to get people moving toward The High Frontier.

Just Press Play… This is The High Frontier

Saying that The High Frontier is a great book does not say enough and besides, this book can speak for itself.

If it’s been a while or you’ve yet to have your first experience, perhaps this taste will tease you into wanting more.

Chapter 2 of Gerard K. O’Neill’s The High Frontier, “The Human Prospect On Planet Earth.” Just click this soundcloud widget to play.

The High Frontier a bit dog-eared
My copy’s a bit dog-eared ;-).  What’s your copy look like?

Read The High Frontier.  The definitive O’Neill SSI edition is available now on Kindle at