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SSI Exotic Propulsion Initiative

NEWS April 6th 2017:  SSI Exotic Propulsion Proposal gets NIAC Phase I award. Read President Gary C Hudson’s announcement on this post.

NEWS September 27th 2017:  SSI SA Dr. Heidi Fearn presents at the 2017 NASA NIAC Symposium.  Get all the documents and watch the full video of “Mach Effects for In Space Propulsion” on this post.

NEWS January 29th 2018: SSI To begin releasing the full-length videos of the 2017 Advanced Propulsion Workshop held at the Aerospace Corporation’s El Segundo, CA headquarters.  Releases begin January 31st.

In 2013 The Space Studies Institute announced the start of the Exotic Propulsion Initiative, a daring and important project to explore and fund breakthrough propulsion opportunities at the very borderlands of physics.

Much public and press excitement has been generated by the DARPA-funded “100 Year Starship” effort and the work on warp drive theory and concepts at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, and SSI has been hard at work to make sure that the momentum is not lost.

In the first few years of the Initiative, SSI has raised thousands of dollars to support the work of Drs. Jim Woodward and Heidi Fearn at the Woodward Lab at CalState Fullerton and Professor Woodward has donated major royalties from his book Making Starships and Stargates: The Science of Interstellar Transport and Absurdly Benign Wormholes (Springer Praxis Books / Space Exploration) to SSI to further support this project’s funding.

Prof. Jim Woodward has donated major royalties from his new book to kick start SSI's Exotic Propulsion Initiative

In 2014 Charles Platt (Wired, Make: Electronics) explained Dr. Woodward’s work in terms that most everyone can understand in the article “Strange Thrust: The Unproven Science The Could Propel Our Children Into Space.”

And in September 2016 SSI presented The Breakthrough Propulsion Workshop in Estes Park, Colorado, hosting professional Scientists and Engineers from around the world for three days of presentations and discussion on the latest advances in EMDrive,  Mach Effect and related technologies.

ALL  of the presentations from the Breakthrough Propulsion Workshop are now available for free on the SSI YouTube Channel and the Entire Unabridged  proceedings – 337 pages – are available for FREE download from this SSI page.

This is real-world work on a very important program. If you truly want to see Humanity become a space-faring civilization then this technology needs your personal show of support. Please click the yellow button below right now and make a tax deductible contribution.

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    1. Thank you Richard and we would sincerely appreciate that contribution.

      Just visit the SSI Join page ( ) and scroll down until you see the yellow button labeled “Click here to support the Exotic Propulsion Initiative” and that will launch a secure connection to paypal. The exact paypal interface you see depends on the device and browser that you use to press the button but they all work the same way for the donation options… you just type in the amount you wish to contribute. Thank you!

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