A human tended lab in Earth orbit to learn the effects of Lunar and Martian gravities on mammals.

SSI G-Lab: The On-Orbit Gravity Laboratory

Dec 7th, 2016 note:  As they say, “Pardon our dust.”  We’re currently doing a bit of a re-org on the SSI web site to make our decades of research materials easier to find and at the moment  the SSI G-Lab data is being  worked on.

We invite you to come back  soon to see the new structure … BUT WAIT, there is something here right now that can answer many of your questions on this very important SSI program…

From the SSI YouTube Channel, here is SSI President Gary C Hudson’s 2015 Space Access presentation on G-Lab: “Gravity is a Massive Problem.”  This video lays it all out, the whys and the hows and also the why-nots and how-nots.

Seriously, this video puts it all together so if you haven’t seen it, you really should.

Play that video now and come back again soon to see the new G-Lab program pages.

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