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2016 Breakthrough Propulsion Workshop Proceedings

Breakthrough Propulsion Workshop 2016 participants
Breakthrough Propulsion Workshop 2016 participants

At long last, the Proceedings of the first Estes Park Advanced Propulsion Workshop, sponsored by SSI, are ready for general release.  The free PDF is downloadable by clicking on the link below.

Dedicated to Jim Woodward on the occasion of his 75th birthday, the editors – Lance Williams and Heidi Fearn – have spent countless hours preparing the volume, collecting contributors’ papers, or summarizing talks where no papers were available.  SSI and the advanced propulsion community owes them thanks for their tireless efforts.

Besides the main body of the work, they report on the tone and tenor of the gathering, from impromptu discussions that took place during and after talks and at the reception that Jim Woodward’s neighbors Wade and Lanier Whilden graciously hosted for attendees.  Several unscheduled and entertaining evening talks on unconventional topics have also been summarized.

We hope you will find the main body of the technical papers worth reading and that the ideas and results presented therein will stimulate even more attention and experimentation into this controversial but important area of research.

Gary C Hudson
Space Studies Institute

For your free PDF copy of the Workshop proceedings, click this link:
Estes Park Workshop Proceedings
(this file is 14MB with 337 pages and may take a while to fully download)

a rainbow joined us on the final day
a rainbow joined us on the final day


For more information on the SSI Exotic Propulsion Initiative, click here.
For the full Workshop videos, visit the SSI YouTube Channel or visit this page on

SSI Exotic Propulsion Initiative releases and International News

From the SSI Facebook page:

“September 2016 Paul March of Eagleworks does two hours on the drive at the Breakthrough Propulsion Workshop in Estes Park, Colorado (and says that the Chinese “don’t have …”).

November the digital paper comes out.

December The Space Studies Institute releases the complete video of Paul March’s presentation on the SSI YouTube Channel.

… and China makes an announcement.

Prestige and Face are big motivators, very much looking forward to seeing who actually flies first with complete openness to international verification.”


the complete playlist of the 2016 Breakthrough Propulsion Workshop. For individual videos, see Day One, Day Two and Day Three.

SSI Begins Releasing the Videos of the 2016 Breakthrough Propulsion Workshop

Update Dec 20th: All of the videos are now online at the SSI YouTube Channel! Scroll to the bottom of this post for the direct video links.

September 20th – 22nd 2016 the Space Studies Institute was proud to present The Breakthrough Propulsion Workshop at Estes Park – three days of cutting edge Science and Engineering in the Rockies.

The videos of the presentations are done, and we are proud to announce that we are now releasing them day by day a few at a time and inviting you to view them all in their original order.

I will freely admit to our SSI family that as we were packing up the microphones and tripods for the trip to record the Breakthrough Propulsion Workshop I was a tiny bit worried. The physicists and engineers at this gathering  are the tops in this niche field and their work is truly at the cutting edge.  I thought people who spend their days and nights working out ways to coax radical theories into obtuse mathematics into useful machines might be beyond mere mortal’s comprehension and even somewhat incapable of small talk over breakfast cereal.

But after only the first few sessions, the truth was clear: These people are not eccentric Doc Browns in tinfoil hats or evil geniuses out to trick with fluff and flash. They aren’t slick suits with get-rich-quick-selling-quantum-foam promises.  They’re professionals.  And while they are truly, deeply passionate about their work and they do speak a language that uses Greek symbols as verbs, they, as you’ll see in most of the videos, give pretty clear explanations of their areas of expertise.  They know how to make these subjects make sense to each other.  And now, to us.

I do not mean that the workshop was a high school breeze, but I firmly believe that if you to start at the beginning and put your attention into these presentations the parts that might seem too far ahead by their titles will begin to flow in and the whole will truly add up to a better grasp of these “advanced” topics.

Over the decades, the subject of propellantless propulsion has been called heretical and treated as taboo by some members of the technical community.  Even President Gary admits that it’s worrisome to some of our membership.   But here’s the thing – for the human race to become a truly space-faring civilization, some type of technology with direct ties to the presentations at this workshop will be required.  We wanted to take a measured step towards this goal

To guard against distractions that a conventional conference can potentially allow, the Breakthrough Propulsion Workshop was held in a remote site far from disturbing cellphone signals.  We met in a small room where the chairs were all at the same level.  The people who are actually doing the hands-on work – those best able to spot the devils in each other’s details – were eyeball to eyeball of each other.

There may be some presentations that you don’t think you’ll be interested in, but we hope that you’ll suppress any urge to cherry pick.  My own experience proved to me that watching every single presentation ended up giving the very best experience. In fact, there were two sessions that hadn’t seemed to be up my alley that ended up really catching me.

It is our hope that no matter what your current level of experience is in these topics, you will come away after watching them with a more complete view of the current state of the art of these real-world technologies. SSI volunteers lugged loads of equipment to Estes Park, Colorado to make sure that this important gathering was documented. It was Gary’s order that we just let the cameras roll and put the viewer into the group as equals, and we believe we have accomplished this goal.

SSI was very proud to be a part of the Breakthrough Propulsion Workshop at Estes Park, September 20th to 22nd, 2016, and we hope that you will make the time in your busy schedule to learn from these dedicated, serious, funny, brilliant and excellent presenters.

An announcement of the availability of the printed and electronic proceedings will be coming soon.  Please keep checking for updates and to get alerts as they happen, LIKE the Space Studies Institute on Facebook now at

To view the growing complete list of workshop videos, click here!

President Hudson on The Space Show tomorrow morning

SSI President Gary Hudson
SSI President Gary Hudson

[[UPDATE: If you missed the show… you didn’t!  To hear/download this Space Show episode with Gary, read the details and even make comments, you can click this link.]]

Tomorrow, Friday October 14th, at 9:30am pacific/12:30pm eastern, SSI President Gary C Hudson will be making his seventh appearance on Dr. David Livingston’s The Space Show.  The special emphasis of this broadcast will be the latest information on SSI’s Exotic Propulsion Initiative.

Taking place just weeks after the Breakthrough Propulsion Workshop in Estes Park, Colorado, this should be a very interesting discussion on this controversial technological subject.

It’s going to be a live show with Gary on the phone and you’ll be  invited to call in or email your questions on this important topic – or any other SSI projects.

To visit the Space Show page for this broadcast, click here.

For the page in information on Listening Live to The Space Show, click here.

Making Starships and Stargates by Dr. James Woodward
Making Starships and Stargates by Dr. James Woodward

If you’re new to the concepts of Advanced “Exotic” Propulsion, you can check out The Space Show’s archived presentation of the September 18th episode that featured taped interviews from AIAA Space 2016 with Steve Jolly, Tim Cichan, Dr. James Woodward, Dr. Heidi Fearn and John Hunt .


Plus, we just uploaded this new video to the SSI YouTube Channel: Gary’s opening remarks from the Estes Park Workshop.

[SSI and the organizers of the 2016 Breakthrough Propulsion Workshop are diligently working on the rest of the videos and the printed proceedings.  More information on the official release schedule will be coming soon!]