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SSI at Exotic Propulsion Workshop

This week, SSI is very proud to be with Dr. James Woodward, Dr Heidi Fearn, Dr José Rodal  and, basically, the top minds in advanced “exotic” propulsion.

This is a by-invitation gathering and there is very limited connectivity way up here in the Rockies so we’ll have to wait for the end of the meeting to post.  But we assure you that there is a LOT more information to come…

Here are some helpful links:

Michelle Broyles and Gary Hudson at The Workshop
At the Exotic Propulsion Workshop, NSF’s Michelle “SeeShells” Broyles and SSI President Gary Hudson. To learn more about Michelle’s work, see the page


9-22 UPDATE:  Near the end of the final day we looked out the window and saw a double rainbow so most of the group ran outside to get this picture.

Truly it was a special week.  Many, many thanks to everyone for making it all work out.  Jim, Heidi, Lance, Robin, Anne, EVERYONE THANK YOU!

Now the process of going through the A/V and papers to make proceedings begins, and SSI will post updates as we get them.

Happy flights home everyone!

Exotic Propulsion Update

Emeritus Professor Jim Woodward and Professor Heidi Fearn
Emeritus Professor Jim Woodward and Professor Heidi Fearn, photo by Charles Platt

It’s time for a brief update on our Exotic Propulsion Initiative.

As you know, for a few years now SSI has supported the efforts of the Woodward-Fearn Lab at CalState Fullerton’s Physics Department. We’ve helped fund two interns (one in 2014 and one this year) and we also provide minor support for equipment and supplies. Progress is nevertheless slow since adequate funding has been a challenge, but we want to take this opportunity to thank all the donors to date, who have contributed over $23,000 so far.

Most particularly, we’d like to acknowledge the fund-raising efforts of Henri Heinonen who provided the Exotic Propulsion Initiative with more than $5,000 via his Bitcoin Utopia campaign!

All of these generous contributions have contributed to four recent papers:

Theory of a Mach Effect Thruster I

Theory of a Mach Effect Thruster II

New Theoretical Results for the Mach Effect Thruster

Mach’s principle, Action at a Distance and Cosmology
H. Fearn, Journal of Modern Physics, 2015, 6, 260-272

(In which Professor Fearn refutes Hawking!)

On the technical side of things, the Woodward Lab is working on experiments relating to the explanation of thrust for devices like ME Thrusters and EMdrive (being studied at NASA Johnson Space Flight Center’s Eagleworks lab). Results should be publishable in a few months. And responding to what are termed “over unity” arguments against propellant propulsion devices of all types, Professor Woodward has written this monograph:

Over-Unity Argument & Mach Effect Thrusters

Please enjoy.

Exotic Propulsion Initiative

This blog post from 2013 is just the tip of the iceberg. See the SSI Programs page for the latest information on SSI’s Exotic Propulsion Initiative


Update 11/24/14: Welcome BoingBoing Readers!
Strange thrust: The unproven science that could propel our children into space by Charles Platt

Help us reach our goal of raising $42,000 to provide the Woodward Lab at CalState Fullerton the new instrumentation, computers and power supplies that Emeritus Professor Jim Woodward and his colleague Professor Heidi Fearn need to continue their research on Mach Effect propulsion! Please donate (tax deductible) using the button below.

SSI has always prided itself on focusing our resources on projects that work to provide technologies that further the cause of space settlement and permanent life off Earth.  We’ve announced two efforts, the G-Lab and the E-Lab, to provide technologies required for understanding the amount of gravitational force and practical closed life-support systems required for long-term or permanent human habitation in space.

To these projects we have added the Exotic Propulsion Initiative, to explore exotic propulsion opportunities at the very borderlands of physics.

Much public and press excitement has been generated by the DARPA-funded “100 Year Starship” effort, and work on warp drive theory and concepts at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

Prof. Jim Woodward has donated major royalties from his new book to kick start SSI's Exotic Propulsion Initiative
Prof. Jim Woodward has donated major royalties from his new book to kick start SSI’s Exotic Propulsion Initiative

An intriguing and thoughtful recent book by Professor Jim Woodward, Making Starships and Stargates: The Science of Interstellar Transport and Absurdly Benign Wormholes (Springer Praxis Books / Space Exploration), has further heightened interest in “exotic” physics propulsion concepts.

While no one can predict if or when these technologies might become practical, we can say for certain that not funding basic research will consign any breakthroughs to the realm of science fiction forever.

Accordingly, SSI has established our Exotic Propulsion Initiative to take bold new risks that are unlikely to find conventional funding.  Donations to the project will be first used to extend and replicate Professor Woodward’s provocative research findings at his lab at CalState Fullerton, and as resources permit, to open new avenues of exploration into advanced propulsion with other scientists.

Professor Woodward has donated major royalties from his book to SSI in order to jump-start this project’s funding.  We are grateful for his donation and are very pleased to be able to offer an opportunity to all interested parties to extend and increase his gift.