Video: SSI President Gary Hudson Discusses G-Lab recently conducted a two-part interview with SSI President Gary Hudson on the Great Enterprise Initiative. Gary talks about plans for G-Lab, an orbiting variable gravity facility that would conduct crucial research essential to humanity’s expansion into space.

Moonandback Interview with Gary Hudson, part 1 – SSI’s Artificial Gravity Space Station

Moonandback Interview with Gary Hudson, part 2 – Funding & Collaboration

Videos courtesy of Moonandback Media

3 thoughts on “Video: SSI President Gary Hudson Discusses G-Lab”

  1. Do you have any brochures, papers, pamphlets, presentations, or other documentation that describe the vision and concept for both G-Lab and E-Lab?

  2. We have this PDF describing the two projects in general terms:

    I have written a G-Lab introduction for prospective donors, as well. We’ll get that posted in the next day or two.

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