1980 Societal Assessment of SPS

LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS ANSI American National Standards Institute BLM Bureau of Land Management CDEP Concept Development and Evaluation Program CEP Citizens' Energy Project COMSAT Communications Satellite Organization CONUS Continental Unitea states DOE Department of Energy DOL Department of Labor EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility EPA Environmental Protection Agency FASST Forum for the Advancement of Students in Science and Technology FDA Food and Drug Administration FLPMA Federal Land Policy Management Act GEO Geostationary Orbit GW Gigawatts (1 GW=1000 megawatts) H&HS Health and Human Services IEA International Energy Agency INMARSAT International Maritime Satellite Organization INTELSAT International Telecommunications Satellite Organization ITU International Telecommunications Union L-5 L-5 Society LEO Low Earth Orbit mW Milliwatts (1 mW = 1/1000 W) MPTS Microwave Power Transmission System NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration NIOSH National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administrtion RF Radio Frequency SPS Satellite Power System U.N. United Nations USGS United States Geological Survey WARC World Administrative Radio Conference