SPS Built of Lunar Materials. Space Studies Institute RFP 1984

Graphics should be used as appropriate for complete and clear exposition of work completed, and to economize on the amount of narrative needed to present results. K. REQUIREMENTS FOR THE TECHNICAL SECTION OF THE PROPOSAL The bidder shall provide a study plan which will include: 1) A summary of the technical approach that will be utilized to access candidate SPS designs. (Bidder shall refer to Section H, "Methodology" for initial guidance in preparing the study plan.) 2) A preliminary outline of the proposed candidate SPS configurations subsystems to be assessed in the course of the study. 3) A list of key areas of research to be conducted during the course of the study. 4) A proposed timetable for the study, delineating the major milestones and reporting points (which shall not be less than two). L. HOW PROPOSALS WILL BE JUDGED The primary goal of the study is to design the most effective, practical, commercially viable SPS built primarily out of lunar materials. The evaluation committee will select the bidder most likely to achieve that goal. Their criteria will be: 1) Clear understanding of the problem. 2) Clarity and quality of the approach. 3) A convincing case that the proposed approach will lead to a design satisfying the guidelines. 4) Professional credentials of the bidder and any proposed associates.