SPS Feasability Study SD76SA0239-2

Figure 3.1-3. Tri-Beam Fabrication 3.2 SPS CONSTRUCTION JIG/BASE COMPLEX The major facility that fabricates the structure, the SPS construction jig/base complex, is illustrated in Figure 3.2-1. The frame of the complex is initially built up from tribeam elements made by beam machines in the same configuration as an SPS frame. Type and gage of material will differ from an SPS frame; however, all materials that are used may be fabricated utilizing the same machines that subsequently fabricate the SPS structure. The construction base, (Figure 3.2-2) consists of a crew main habitat and control complex, landing sites to receive OTV cargo transports, a logistics facility to process cargo, 11 beam machine-complex sites, electric power modules, and a conveyor system that transports material, machines, and crew throughout the complex. The most complex beam machine site that simultaneously produces three 50-meter tribeam trusses in three different directions is represented by Figure 3.2-3. Orthographic views of the machine complex are shown in Figure 3.2-4. The SPS structure produced includes a longitudinal column, a transverse frame truss at 90° to the column, and a diagonal frame truss at 60° to the transverse truss. Eighteen beam machines are located at the site, at which six machines produce each of the members previously described. The longitudinal machine set produces the longerons located on axis to the SPS structure. To prevent interference during structure fabrication, the 90° transverse truss is assembled approximately 4 to 6 meters above the truss