SPS Feasability Study SD76SA0239-2

Figure 3.7-1. Central 30-Meter by 30-Meter Subarray in-Line Assembly Facility Figure 3.7-2 shows the location of microwave facilities, cable transport of containerized, assembled 30-meter by 30-meter panels, and the antenna frame. The modular and size sequence of electronic elements is shown on Figure 3.7-3. The overall three-membrane negative lens structural concept is identified by Figure 3.7-4. The major assembly sequence inside the antenna frame is shown on Figure 3.7-5. The panel-dispensing mechanisms are shown on Figure 3.7-6 and the in-line assembly facility is illustrated on Figure 3.7-1. The antenna cargo is docked on the permalloy surfaced elevators using OTV permanent magnet landing gear. Depending on the schedule, the cargo is offloaded into a holding area and the OTV maneuvers away from the facility. The cargo may be immediately scheduled into the facility, in which event the OTV maneuvers clear of the elevator, and the elevator lowers the cargo into the receiving end of the facility where the cargo is broken down. The slot face of the antenna is directed toward the ceiling of the in-line assembly facility and attached to the assembly line fixtures. The waveguides are directed toward the sidewall conveyors and the amplitrons and two-meter receiver antenna are directed toward the floor of the in-line assembly bay. The antenna panels are then structurally assembled into 30-meter by 30-meter subarray sections. Final level waveguides are installed on the panels and the two-meter diameter phase feed signal receiving antenna is mounted on the input end of the driver amplitron. Interspersed into the assembly procedures.