SPS Feasability Study SD76SA0239-2

Figure 3.7-6. Antenna Subarray Deployment Sequence described is the installation of all de bus wiring required to power the amplitron network. The output from the in-line facility is a deployment cartridge (see Figure 3.7-1) which is transported by the cable system to the deployment fixture mounted on the antenna frame (Figure 3.7-6). Figure 3.7-5 shows the sequence of the deployment of strings of assembled 30-meter by 30-meter panels. The deployment of panels continues until 857 subarray panel sections are located in the central plane as indicated by the elements shown on Figure 3.7-4. After the central plane is completed, the deployment fixture installs the forward and aft face catenary positioning membrane cables. As each pair of the face catenary cables is installed, the reel-mounted positioning cables attached to the antenna are deployed and attached to the positioning catenary. When all wires are installed, a laser optical system scans the antenna face and actuates the stepper motor drives on the positioning cables and tightens the positioning catenary wires to form a flat mechanical radiation surface for the slotted face of the antenna. 3.8 MAINTENANCE FACILITIES Provisions for repair, maintenance, operating crew habitats, cargo landing sites, and an internal transit system are included in SPS assembly. The maintenance complex is installed in the last SPS frame structure similar in design to the SPS construction jig/base complex shown on Figure 3.2-1. Power