SPS Feasability Study SD76SA0239-2

KEV kilo-electron volt Kwh kilowatt hour LEM lunar module LEO low earth orbit LEOI low earth orbit insertion LSB lunar space base MeV million electron volts MIC microwave integrated circuit Mo molybdenum M0S2 molybdenum disulfide MPD magneto-plasma dynamics MPS main propulsion system MPTS microwave power transmission system MSS modular space station MW microwave NBF narrow band filter OLS orbiting lunar station O&M operations and maintenance OSC oscillator OTV orbit transfer vehicle PD Power divider PLL phase lock loop POP perpendicular to the orbit plane PPM/PM periodic permanent magnet/permanent magnet: type of klystron QF quality factors RBE relative biological effectiveness RCR resonant cavity radiator rem Roentgen equivalent man RF radio frequency ROI return on investment SB space base SbF5 antimony pentafluoride SE&I systems engineering and integration SEPS solar electric propulsion stage Si silicon SPS satellite power system SSME space shuttle main engine SWR standing wave radiator