SPS Feasability Study SD76SA0239-2

Orbital Construction Base ($53.7B) The orbital construction base costs include cost of orbital fabrication and assembly of the satellite, orbital facilities, equipment, equipment refurbishment, crew provisions, and system test and acceptance. The orbital fabrication and assembly costs were based on a total crew size of 224 men at an average cost of $60,000 per year over a period of 30 years, plus crew provisions at an average cost of $10 per pound. Orbital facilities cost were based on CER's; DDT&E at $27,998/kg ($12.7OO/lb) and production TFU at $16,094/kg ($7,300/lb). Facilities refurbishment costs were assumed to be 50 percent of the total production cost of the orbital facilities, excluding cost of DDT&E. Orbital equipment DDT&E costs were assumed to be the equivalent of two sets of tools and equipment. Recurring equipment costs were based on CER's; $220/kg ($100/lb) for tools and $24,537/kg ($ll,130/lb) for other equipment. The orbital construction base cost is 6.3 percent of the total program cost. System Cost by Fiscal Year Cost by fiscal year were projected for DDT&E and production and construction, Figure 5.2-2. The DDT&E cost spread was based on a 60/50 (60 percent of the cost distributed at 50 percent of time) spreading function for the satellite cost and the ground support systems cost, except launch support cost. The 60/50 spreading function was selected to reflect the early buildup of the DDT&E effort associated with technology development, Figure 5.2-2. System Cost by Fiscal Year