SPS Feasability Study SD76SA0239-2

Figure 1.3-4. Program Cost Relationships Much added study is needed to refine these cost estimates; nevertheless, there are areas indicated on the figure where, with continued efforts, cost reductions appear possible (e.g., launch support and logistics). Application of these cost estimates to a representative development schedule results in the funding curves shown in Figure 1.3-5. The peak funding level shown for DDT&E is, in actuality, within the same relative cost realm today as was funding for the Apollo Program in the mid-1960's. As indicated previously, results from each of these study tasks are quite encouraging. Recommended areas for future emphasis are shown in Figure 1.3-6. This study, like others preceding it, suffers primarily from lack of data that can come only from future verifying research, development, and test. Yet in each succeeding study of SPS to date, new ideas, concepts, and processes are developed which continually refine and reinforce the preceding results.