SPS Feasability Study SD76SA0239-2

Figure 2.1-10. Hindenberg Partially Assembled Modularization (e.g., scalar sequencing of structural shapes) provides an essential parameter for permitting automatic machine fabrication of SPS structures. Modularization includes scalar size of the initial sheet metal element (cap centerline distance of triangular section), the longitudinal pitch distance for cap braces, and the use of odd or even number of sheet-metal bays to form the tribeam truss. In order that a properly supported cap element occurs at each of the sheet-metal column intersections, an even number of bays exist between the centroids of the tribeam truss. One-half bay per each of the column support element is involved in joining. This leaves an odd number of sheet-metal element bays between the longerons. The odd-number bay requirement locates one bay symetrically about the half-length centerline of the support element. Likewise, the tribeam cap sheet-metal element must have a similar even/odd sequence so that a bay centerline occurs at the longitudinal half-length centerline of the tribeam cap. Thus, when modularization is fully