SPS Feasability Study SD76SA0239-2

Figure 2.1-17. Design Loads caused by the difference in location of the center of antenna rotation and the center of the satellite mass. Structural Analysis One of the key considerations for any on-orbit structure is weight. In order to develop a weight statement for the antenna concept, a structural analysis was conducted which would lead to preliminary sizing information for all major elements of the structural configuration. The materials selected for the major structural elements are as follows: Compression frame: 2000 series aluminum Category rope: woven Kevlar 49 Tension web: flexible graphite/epoxy tape The pressure on the tension web is the only source of loading included in the analysis. This pressure w is equal to 5.2 x 10“^ pascals exerted over the entire surface of the tension web. The web is treated as a circumferentially restrained membrane (Figure 2.1-18). The inplane restraining force, N, in Newton/meter is calculated as follows: