SPS Feasability Study SD76SA0239-2

Table 2.2-3. SPS Reflector Preliminary Specification of reflector angle 6 are presented in Figure 2.2-14. Concentration ratio, and the ratio of slant height, reflector base length, and reflector height relative to the solar array dimension (A) are presented for the SPS Vee trough design. At reflector angles greater than 70 degrees, the reflector dimensions start to increase significantly and the weight of the reflector and structure increase with little increase in concentration ratio. The effect of misorientation of the Vee trough with respect to the sun line also was investigated. The results of the analysis are shown in Figure 2.2-15 for a reflector with a 65-degree slant angle. The change in concentration ratio and the percentages are both shown. For the allowable misorientation angle of ± 1 degree, the change in concentration ratio of the