Power Beaming from the Creator

There are many videos showing experiments of Wireless Power Beaming available on YouTube, most all mention either the 1964 Raytheon Microwave Helicopter experiments or the 1975 JPL Goldstone tests – and the official NASA Goldstone PR video alone has over 40 thousand YouTube views  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7O44WM1Q9H8).

Today, we have something extra to add to the collection.

In the 1980’s the manager of the projects, who many rightly name as “The Man Behind Microwave Power Beaming”, SSI Senior Advisor Dr. Bill Brown of Raytheon Labs, made a special version of videos of those tests featuring his own voiceover for a more technically interested audience. The Space Studies Institute is very proud to bring this SSI Engineering classic back to the public. Please tell others about it.

Thanks go to new SSI Associate Mark Shaw for delivering the thought-lost VHS tape to us and to CyberLink for excellent video forensics software that helped clean it up so nicely.


2 thoughts on “Power Beaming from the Creator”

  1. Many years ago, when I was a member of SSI I firmly believed in Solar Satellite power. I have given up on Solar Satellite power due to a number of technical, energy, and economic issues. I believe our best prospect for harnessing extraterrestrial energy is the mining of Helium 3 on the moon, or in the long term from Jupiter’s atmosphere. Helium 3 is rare on earth, but might provide thee ideal fusion fuel for reactors on earth. Elon Musk has concluded that there is no future in extraterrestrial Solar power, and if anyone is in a position to develop it he would be the man to do so.

    1. Elon loves Mars, and that is a great thing and he is a powerful force for that very focused goal but using Space to benefit Humanity means many potential opportunities (Space is big and there are many many options and just as many deep passions). Now, some say that Mr. Musk’s dedication to his Earth-based solar power business makes him discount other options that could perhaps take investment minds off of his companies and goals… I don’t know how realistic that conspiracy-type theory is but it has been raised. I’m more thinking that he’s got a very big job in the Mars goal and ANY idea that could possibly take any time away from his get-to-another-planet focus is, simply and understandably, not going to be one that he and his crews have time or bandwidth to deal with.

      Have you seen the videos on the SSI YouTube Channel of President Gary Hudson at the Silicon Valley Space Center in 2017 and at Space Access in 2015? Both are about G-Lab but in them both Gary is asked about Elon because of the questioner’s perception that Mr. Musk is the end-all of Space business. Gary makes some points that you might find interesting from his personal relationship with Mr. Musk.

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