SPS on the BBC

April 18, 2023

Author: Smith

A note to SSI from across the pond:

I just wanted to let you know that our episode on space-based solar power went ‘live’ yesterday! It will be going out again several times on Wednesday on BBC World Service radio, and it’s also available to stream online now via the below link.


It’s also available as a podcast – if you’re a podcast listener and haven’t yet subscribed to ‘The Climate Question’ then please do!!

I really hope you like the finished product – if you do then please do share the programme with colleagues, family, friends etc. A quick reminder – it’s ‘The Climate Question’ on @bbcworldservice

Thanks once again for your help with the show and graciously allowing us to use part of your interview with Gerard O’Neill – you’ll find a credit to SSI in the show notes. I hope that’s OK.

Thanks again

Simon Tulett
Senior Journalist
The Climate Question
learn more about SPS: here on SSI.org

Space Studies Institute
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Suite S
North Hollywood CA 91605
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