SPS. This week around the world (careful that last link)

December 1, 2023

Author: Smith

 In case your phone missed it.

There was a minor flurry of Solar Power Satellite / Space Based Solar Power news near the end of October and leading into November, likely prompted by this Wall Street Journal piece:


Just yesterday, there was this in Forbes:


And, as typical, not to be left out of news leaked in from the west, there was just this in the People’s Daily:

(be careful that link, no SSL.)



Have a friend who is just hearing about Space-Based Solar Power?  Pass them this link to the special SPS Section on SSI.org.


Oh, and here’s a bonus.  There is a lot to this, much very good hardware-wise, but it includes a notion that is not often heard…

““Electricity is plentiful and cheap here on the ground but scarce and expensive in space; we remedy that imbalance,” says Robert Millman, CEO of Electric Sky. “

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