SPS. United States Congress

June 17, 2023

Author: Smith
“for the first time since the 1970s, the idea of space-based solar power has been addressed legislatively by the US Congress.”


“”..and if the United States doesn’t do it, we know our friends and global competitors will.””


– – –

“If we continue to ignore satellite power as a goal of our space program, satellite power is not going to be forgotten. It will simply be picked up and exploited by one or more other nations that see that potential six trillion dollar a year market. The nations that do will become the leading nations of the twenty first century.”


-Gerard K. O’Neill
Founder, First President of the Space Studies Institute
read the ArsTechnica article here.
read that O’Neill, in full context, here.
learn more about SPS: here on SSI.org

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