Not a Gee-Whiz Society. Coyote SPS

April 26, 2023

Author: Smith

Not a Gee-Whiz Society.

Drove down to the Space Studies Institute offices yesterday to be reminded – again – by Executive Director Robin that anyone can talk, SSI needs people to do; Quietly *do.*

And while discussing a do-able her phone beeped. She looked down at it and laughed, ‘wow, I forgot about that thing.’

‘What thing?’

‘A thing I did with Coyote years ago. SPS.’

‘SPS? Show me’

‘Just look it up on your computer:

I did. I said: ‘Geeeze Robin. You SSI people do this all the time, you do things, actual productive things, and then move on to the next thing without any hype… wow, this is great. Can I use this?’

‘It was a government target, you know government target work. And it was so long ago, I’d actually forgotten about it.’

SSI is a different kind of Space organization, known, well and correctly, by people who don’t thrive on hype.  And SSI has been doing its work funded solely by like-minded individual citizens for longer than most other “fun” Space organizations have been around.

If “using the material and energy resources of space to improve the human condition on Earth” is a goal that you think is worthwhile then we sincerely hope that you will make your feelings tangible.

But, to the point, we all know how “long ago” is next to nothing in the glacial movements of the government’s Space Industry and so… even though you may not be the original target of it, we thought you should be able to see it.


Space Studies Institute
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