MEGA Progress

Here’s a nice video by Bloomberg with recent news about the Mach Effect Gravity Assist (MEGA) thruster work underway in the lab and around the world.
Before we get to the Star Trek era, SSI sees a near term application for propellantless propulsion: station-keeping for structures in space.
Thanks to all Space Studies Institute senior associates, members, donors, supporters and volunteers, the research led by Professors Jim Woodward and Hal Fearn continues beyond the NASA NIAC grants that ended in 2020.

Heady TImes

Be excited for these moments that catch the world’s attention, accepting that most of the world doesn’t have the time to often enough ponder the fundamental reasons behind them.


It’s not a PR mission statement, it is a clear and simple definition:

“The High Frontier Concept, using the material and energy resources of space to improve the human condition on Earth “

– Gerard K. O’Neill


Technology for Human Space Settlement