Spin. Leonard David on the Reasons for G-Lab work

May 26, 2023

Author: Smith

President Gary Hudson sends you this link: https://spaceref.com/space-stations/gravity-situation-g-factor-artificial/

““Currently, threshold gravity levels that avoid the various maladies brought on by microgravity are unknown and are the topics of basic research,” Spilker told SpaceRef. Unfortunately, that research is difficult to perform on Earth’s surface, or even in the brief periods of freefall afforded by parabolic aircraft flights”

“Difficult” That’s an interesting way of saying it.

““Artificial gravity is difficult to implement, whether it be by rotating vehicle design or by flying a centrifuge,” Sutton concluded. “The operational need, feasibility, and efficacy can be debated at length on Earth, but until you actually subject individuals to artificial gravity in the space environment, the jury will remain out.””

Why it is important: https://ssi.org/programs/ssi-g-lab-project/

In a video nutshell:


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