Spin. Spin. Spin. Three linked reasons.

October 19, 2023

Author: Smith

Spin. For the importance of it:

“People have a naive faith (fueled by media or science fiction) that on the Moon, or elsewhere in space, life can be ‘continued’ with some ’adjustments,’” he said. “There are more issues and the question is a little bit more complicated. For instance, I think that morphogenesis (the biological process that causes a cell, tissue, or organism to develop its shape) and reproduction can hardly be performed in microgravity.”



Spin. For the pretty of it:


Spin. For the profit of it:

“While some use cases may seem obvious, such as testing subsystems in lunar gravity before a moon mission or studying the effects of artificial gravity on model organisms like fruit flies or mice, the possibilities extend far beyond these initial ideas. By precisely programming gravity, gravityLab aims to enable manufacturing processes that are currently impossible both on Earth and in space.”

“Bonin’s vision for gravityLab extends beyond scientific research. He hopes to inspire individuals and companies to think outside the box and explore the possibilities of programmable gravity. While zero gravity offers known advantages, Bonin invites us to consider the untapped potential of artificial gravity and the groundbreaking advancements it can bring.”


– gLab-1, love the name 😉

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