UCLA. A shot a day keeps bone loss away

September 19, 2023

Author: Smith



Especially good news, after required development and full pharma testing proves it to be long-term safe, for Earthbound osteo issues and potentially for those on 1/6th and 1/3rdG locations who can have access to a guaranteed continued supply. It surely would beat construction and maintenance of huge angled centrifuges and the wasted hours the persons would have to spend on them.

A side question though, for in-space persons, travelling between or persisting longer without landing:  Would engineering of habitat area rotation, using generally the technology that most crafts have always been designed to use for adjustment with their little side squirting valves, be a workable non-invasive, non-pharma, non-resupply system? It’s great to have at least two ways to keep people alive and healthy. Might be smart to – also – just Spin?


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