2017 Advanced Propulsion Workshop Videos: Day Two

2017 Advanced Propulsion Workshop Group

The Space Studies Institute proudly presents the complete set of videos of the presentations from the second day of the 2017 Advanced Propulsion Workshop, held Thursday, November 2nd, 2017 in the Sally Ride Board Room of The Aerospace Corporation’s El Segundo, California headquarters.

The presentations spanned a range of Propulsion Physics and Engineering topics with insightful and often entertaining Q&A. We hope that you will give each video a full view and that you will discover, as some of us did while putting the videos together, that even sessions not at first seeming to be in our personal areas of expertise can have real nuggets of directly usable information.


Session 05: John G. Cramer
Professor Emeritus of Physics at the University of Washington
Author of “The Quantum Handshake: Entanglement, Nonlocality and  Transactions” and the Science Fiction novels “Twistor” and  “Einstein’s Bridge”

“The Quantum Handshake Explored”

For a PDF of Mr. Cramer’s slides for this presentation, click here


Session 06: Dr. Jean-Philippe Montinlet
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

“Explaining the EM Drive with the Electromag, and Gravitational Coupling Theory”

This remotely presented session was not recorded but for a PDF of Dr. Montillet’s slides, click here.


Session 07: José Rodal, Ph.D.
Rodal Consulting

“Propellant-less Space Propulsion from a Gravitational Effect Sourced by Energy Fluctuations.”

For a PDF of Dr. Rodal’s slides, click here.


Session 08: Michael McDonald, Ph.D.
Naval Center for Space Technology, Propulsion Section,
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

“Preparations for Thrust Measurement and Error Analysis of the IMPULSE* Resonant Microwave Cavity.”

* – IMPULSE being an acronym for “In-depth Measurement of Performance in Unconventional Low-thrust Spacecraft Engines”

For a PDF of Dr. McDonald’s slides, click here.


We hope that you enjoy these presentations from the second day of the SSI 2017 Advanced Propulsion Workshop and invite you view the rest of the collection using the following links:

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Proudly presented by The Space Studies Institute.

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