Return to the Moon II 2000

Proceedings of the Lunar Development Conference

SSI was proud to participate in the second annual Lunar Development Conference: Return to the Moon II in July, 2000. The conference was held in Las Vegas July 20-21 and was sponsored by the Space Frontier Foundation.

SSI compiled and edited the proceedings. The 306 page hard-bound volume was available from the Space Frontier Foundation.

Table of Contents

Rick N. Tumlinson, Space Frontier Foundation, pg. 1

Welcoming Remarks
Gregory Bennett, Bigelow Areospace, pg. 3

Opening Remarks
Rick N. Tumlinson, Space Frontier Foundation, pg. 5

Keynote Address
Ian Pryke, ESA, pg. 9

Luncheon Presentation
Kent Joosten, NASA, Johnson Space Center, pg. 13

Banquet Address
Miracles Ocurring Now
James Dunstan, Garvey, Schubert, and Barer, pg. 17

Luncheon Presentation
Space Agencies and Lunar Development: The Next Decade
Wendell Mendell, Planetary Scientist, Johnson Space Center, pg. 21

Closing Remarks
Gregory Bennett, Bigelow Aerospace, pg. 26
Jim Busby, Space Frontier Foundation, pg. 26
Rick N. Tumlinson, Space Frontier Foundation, pg. 27

Lunar Transportation
Chair: Edward Belbruno, Princeton University and IOD, Inc.

The Cislunar Tether Transportation System Architecture
Robert Hoyt, Tethers Unlimited, Inc., Robert Forward, and John Grant and Michal Bangham, The Boeing Company, pg. 31

Preliminary Systems Sizing for an X-38 Derived Lunar Transfer Vehicle
Robert Howard, Jr., University of Tennessee Space Institute, pg. 42

WSB Lunar Transfer for Lunar Base Construction
Edward Belbruno, Princeton University and IOD, Inc., pg. 50

Chair: Madhu Thangavelu, University of Southern California

Commercial Space Habitation
Thomas Taylor and Stanley Johansen, Global Outpost, Inc., pg. 57

Planet Moon: Phases for Development
David Schrunk, Poway, CA and Madhu Thangavelu, Bonnie L. Cooper, and Burton L. Sharpe,University of Southern California, pg. 68

Tools for Developing a Moon Logistics and Settlement Architecture: Focus on Using a Simplified Engineering Cost Model
Charles Reynerson, Ball Aerospace, pg. 75

Lunar Base Simulation: Architectural Concepts and Technology Testbed
Matthew Herman, Bigelow Aerospace, pg. 82

Computer Accelerated Conceptual Design Development of Spacecraft
Knut Oxnevad, pg. 88

Long-Term Consequences of Habitat Supply and Life-Support Choices in Initial Lunar Facilities
Karen Cramer Shea, Washington, DC, pg. 95

Space-Based Information Infrastructure for Long-Term Habitation
Jay Thomas, Kamran Aslam, Lynn Craig, Stephen Jaeger, Jennifer Jones, Danna Lappe and David Weiler, University of Illinois, pg. 100

Lunar Rock Structures
Madhu Thangavelu, University of Southern California, pg. 106

The Structural Use of Cast Basalt in Pre-Cast, Post-Tensioned Members to Construct Assorted Lunar Facilities
Kevin Greene, Parsons Brinckerhoff, pg. 109

The Almaz Inflatable Module for Space Habitation
Diane Maxwell, Jamie Floyd, Scott McDade and Brian Harris, Space Development Corporation, pg. 113

Alpha Principles of Universe Sustainable Architecture
Nader Khalili and Madhu Thangavelu, pg. 122

Design for a Moon Crater Base
Alice Eichold, Davis, CA, pg. 126

Chair: Rick Tumlinson, Space Frontier Foundation

How to Make Privately Funded Space Settlements Possible
Alan Wasser, New York, NY, pg. 139

Chair: Steve Durst, Space Age Publishing Company and Lunar Enterprise Corp

Lunar Burial: The First Lunar Enterprise
Charles Chafer and Cynthia Price, Celestis, Inc., pg. 147

Lunar Ethics and Space Commercialization
David Livingston, Livingston Business Solutions, pg. 150

Our Lunar Destiny
Christopher Rohwer, The Boeing Company, pg. 158

Treatment Letter for Privatized Property Ownership
Dennis Hope, Lunar Embassy, pg. 169

Strawman Business Plan for a Commercial Lunar Sample Return Mission
Gregory Bennett, Bigelow Aerospace, pg. 176

Lunar Power System Coalition
Dan Greenwood, Lunar Power System Coalition and Robert Waldron, Canoga Park, CA, pg. 185

An Economic Paradigm for Commercial Lunar Mineral Exploration
Brad Blair, Lunar Economic Development Authority, pg. 194

Entrepreneurship on the Moon
Mike Ryan, Bellamine College, pg. 202

Prospects of Commercial Activities at a Lunar Base
Haym Benaroya, Rutgers University, pg. 208

International Lunar Observatory/Power Station: From Hawaii to the Moon
Steve Durst, Space Age Publishing Company and Lunar Enterprise Corp, pg. 220

Lunar Science
Chair: Stewart Nozette, Naval Research Laboratory and Naval Center for Space Technology

Integration of Lunar Polar Datasets
Steward Nozette and Chris Lichtenberg, Naval Research Laboratory and Naval Center for Space Technology and Paul L. Spudis, Lunar and Planetary Institute and Mark Robinson and D.B.J. Bussey, Northwestern University, and Robert Bonner, Protasis, Inc., pg. 225

Organic-based Dissolution of Silicates as an Approach to Element Extraction From Lunar Regolith
Stephen Gillett, University of Nevada, pg. 240

Monolithic Power Converter Technologies for Nanosatellite Constellations
Krishna Shenai and Erik McShane, University of Illinois, pg. 247

Large Array Reflectors for Use in Lunar Smelting and Mining Operations
Louis Charles Streiber, Austin, TX, pg. 254

Mixed-Signal VLSI Enabling Technologies for Low-Power, Densely-Integrated Spacecraft Avionics
Erik McShane and Krishna Shenai, University of Illinois, pg. 261

Nuclear Power Without Radioactive Waste: The Promise of Helium 3
G.L. Kulcinski and H. H. Schmitt, University of Wisconsin-Madison, pg. 271

Lunar Platform for Astronomical Research: Strategies for Doing Lunar Astronomy and Securing Funds
Robert Strong, West Liberty State College, pg. 278

Megawatt Power Electronics on Silicon Carbide for Space Applications
Malay Trivedi, Philip Neudeck and Krishna Shenai, University of Illinois, pg. 284

Manufacturing Helium Three in Fission Reactors
David Dietzler, Menamee College, pg. 297

A Coherent Vision for Space Exploration and Development in the 21st Century
David G. Schrunk, Madhu Thangavelu, Bonnie L. Cooper, and Burton L. Sharpe, pg. 297

Acknowledgements, pg.305
Author Index, pg. 307

Technology for Human Space Settlement