99 Percent Invisible Radio/Podcast on Gerard K. O’Neill

99 Percent Invisible, the very popular podcast production company, has just released a wonderful audio episode about Dr. Gerard K. O’Neill titled “Home On LaGrange.”

Producer Katie Mingle spoke with SSI co-founder Tasha O’Neill, SSI’s second president Dr. Freeman Dyson and “The Visioneers” author Patrick McCray, assembled a wide collection of audio pieces from the history of The High Frontier concept and blended together a story that flows smoothly, touching both the technical and personal aspects of what NewSpace Industry insiders call “The Vision.”

The first link below will take you to that episode’s page where a bit of text and many classic Don Davis and Rick Guidice images are presented.  Along with viewing that page, please make sure that you click the link to play the audio episode.   It is very nicely done.

We know that many SSI Associates and Alumni come from Engineering backgrounds but remember the target audience of this piece is folks who may be just dipping their toes into the limitless potential of The High Frontier.  That is to be encouraged.  Listen to the audio and, if you are so inclined, leave a comment on the episode page pointing to the good that you hear.  Producers and writers should be thanked for their efforts and encouraged by the experts in their audiences.  As software people say “there’s always V2… but only if V1 gets some positive response.”

This is a very nice piece.

direct to the episode page: http://99percentinvisible.org/episode/home-on-lagrange/

If your device has difficulty playing the audio from that page, try the iTunes download (the episode is on this list as “217 Home on LaGrange”) https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/99-invisible/id394775318?mt=2

And you can get the audio via soundcloud also, using this link: https://soundcloud.com/roman-mars/217-home-on-lagrange

One thought on “99 Percent Invisible Radio/Podcast on Gerard K. O’Neill”

  1. Sometimes 60 Minutes revisits a story after a few decades. Can Katie Mingle and company convince the current producers to revisit O’Neill/Glaser 40 years after the Dan Rather interview?

    Would Jimmy Fallon see the coolness of digging up a few seconds of Johnny talking to Gerry and then dive into a convo with Katie on a Tonight Show program in the near future?

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