March Storm 2006

January 5, 2006

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All associates of the Space Studies Institute are invited to participate in the twelfth annual ProSpace March Storm to be held in Washington from February 26, 2006 through March 1, 2006.
In past years, ProSpace has kept alive funding for satellite solar power and last year was especially useful in obtaining passage of the Commercial Space Launch Amendments Act. It would be difficult to overstate the promise of this legislation. The act provides a clear and enabling regulatory regime for the emerging suborbital space transportation industry. The success of this industry appears critical to the evolution of a cheap, orbital transportation system through free and open competition in the marketplace.
ProSpace managed an SSI-sponsored briefing on Capitol Hill under the auspices of the Senate Space Roundtable on the NEO Impact Threat.
Participation in March Storm really makes a difference and the March Stormers have the additional satisfaction of knowing that it does. To become a veteran you need to invest two days, one in training on Sunday, February 26 and one briefing congressional offices on Capitol Hill the following Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday. After the daily congressional briefings, the veterans gather each evening to tell the most interesting stories of the day over dinner and drinks. These dinners are great fun and they ensure that you will end the day in a good mood.
For further information and to register, go to

Space Studies Institute
7429 Laurel Canyon Blvd
Suite S
North Hollywood CA 91605
(661) 750-2774

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