Today is “Giving Tuesday,” a yearly event created to do the Heinlein ‘Pay It Forward’ in a big way.
The Space Studies Institute, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded by Gerard O’Neill in 1977 exclusively for charitable, scientific, literary and educational purposes supporting the engineering for the Human Breakout Into Space strongly encourages all Associates and Alumni to give freely today and every day that it is possible.
SSI’s High Frontier goals are not to create nifty space hotels for wealthy elites to play in and look down on the less fortunate masses left behind on Earth. The real High Frontier Concept is about creating Space Manufacturing realities to lift up every Human Being to a state of personal power. That future comes from getting real Power, in the form of affordable Energy and worthwhile jobs and better education choices to people living everywhere.
If you have read The High Frontier book or Kindle edition cover to cover then you know that it is not at all a Utopian Fantasyland in Space. It is doable engineering that takes advantage of the difference between toiling on any limited planetary surface and building real and profitable lives using the unlimited free energy and resources available just beyond any planet’s gravity well.
Today, Giving Tuesday, we hope that you will give to the non-profits and charities that you feel will do the best with your hard earned dollars. Remember to look closely at the organizations… do they truly support your goals or are they just using famous public names to get your money?
Choose wisely.
We hope that you believe, as we do, as our founder Gerard K. O’Neill did, that supporting the work of the Space Studies Institute should be part of your plan for helping fellow Human Beings get beyond the problems that all Humanity faces today.
We invite you to join SSI as a Senior Associate or simply make a gift today, right now, via the PayPal options on this page:
From office rent, to internet fees to mailing costs to reprinting important engineering volumes to G-Lab and Exotic Propulsion … SSI will make real, important use of any contribution that you can afford to give.