SSI Supermodels Part 3… your Models

November 21, 2016

Author: Smith

Space Studies Institute Newsletter 1992 NovDec image 9 Beranal Sphere model
We’ve had numerous requests for more SSI Supermodels and the SSI “Bernal Sphere” Island is high on the list.  Alas, the massive model we had made decades back (shown above) is gone – maybe in some SSI Alum’s closet,  maybe in a private museum somewhere?
Perhaps these notes from the SSI Newletter archive could jog a memory.
While that particular one was very detailed, it’s worth noting that the one Gerry had on his own desk was a lot simpler.
So simple in fact that a 3d model or even a small kid’s ball and some rubber gasket rings from Home Depot could go a long way to making a nice display.
A ball, 5 rubber rings on either side, a pin running through the center, four rectangular sheets on each end for solar panels and some paint.  That gets a bulk of the imagery done.
A person really into model making could add to that or even use the classic SSI blueprint to do a partial cutaway of the main interior…
… or duplicate the old model that showed the activities inside the agriculture rings (those rings on either side). The cover of the SP-428 book from the 1977 Ames Study directed by Dr. O’Neill offers a nice view…
These Don Davis illustrations from The High Frontier book might spur additional ideas…
ssi_donvais_ch99p347tn ssi_dondavis_ch09p166tn
Windows 10 comes with a 3d modeling “paint” program included and there are many other options from free to nearly free.  And most software links to companies that will 3d print your model for a small price.
The SSI Bernal Sphere starts from a pretty basic foundation… we’d love to see the models that you can come up with!

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