Peter Glaser

Dr. Peter E. Glaser 1923-2014

The Space Studies Institute is deeply saddened by the passing of Dr. Peter Glaser on May 29th.

Dr. Glaser’s name was synonymous with the technologies of Satellite Solar Power, a fundamental cornerstone of The High Frontier vision, and his long time personal association with our founder Gerard K. O’Neill was well known.

We grieve this loss but celebrate the great life of this important man whose passion and hard work has inspired so many and will undoubtedly play a major part in the future of humanity.

One thought on “Dr. Peter E. Glaser 1923-2014”

  1. Sorry to hear of Dr. Peter E. Glaser’s passing , he was a great mind . His Solar Power Satellites when built in geosynchronous orbit and transmitting low cost , greenhouse
    gas free energy down to the countries of Earth , will improve
    the standard of living and decrease the effects of global warming . Energy from Space will heat homes and businesses in the winter , run air conditioning in the summer , charge up
    the new electric vehicles , provide power to desalination plants to make potable water from ocean water for farms
    and towns and cities that need fresh water , also to run large electric pumps to pump the water to where it is needed through pipelines . With material from the Moon and passing asteroids and with the use of hundreds and
    then thousands of Robonauts , 60 large Solar Power Satellite
    Stations will provide enough energy for every country on Earth so that there will be no more need of oil , oilsands ,
    coal , natural gas , hydro or nuclear power .
    Kudos to Dr . Glaser , may he rest in peace .

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