National Space Council 2018

February 22, 2018

Author: Smith

High Hopes for the new National Space Council. But hopes aren’t enough and lobbying isn’t enough. Make something, be part of the work. You can. Where there is nothing anyone with an idea and the will to do a project well is a making a benefit and can see a profit. Seize the opportunity.
Satellites and Robots and Military technologies are perceived as the easy money fruit because not enough work has been done publicly to make Human Spaceliving seem as easy an option.
Closed Loop Ecological Systems reduce and eventually must eliminate the need for resupplies from Earth. There have been many advances in enclosed agriculture… what are they and how do they apply? In a small space can they be constructed to make adequate yields of nutrition and safe, usable atmospheres?
Reduced Gravity experiments are a fundamental absolute requirement. It is established that microgravity is not healthy, but there is no real 1 quarter or 1 sixth gravity experimental data on vertebrates, no proof at all that Humans can survive extended stays on the Moon or Mars. Should one of the exciting projects be an SSI G-Lab?
Solar Power beamed pure from Satellites, to stabilize the spikes on our aging, brittle Grids without huge office building sized toxic batteries and fossil fuel generators being spun up at night, when clouds roll in and when the wind stops blowing or even for when a lot of people happen to turn on their televisions at the same time. Stable Energy supply is not a problem that went away with rooftop solar panels and plug-in cars. The studies on SPS have been done for decades, now is it time to re-start this real, practical work?
These are just a few real Space projects that can pay off and benefit Humans in Space and Humans on any planetary surface.
Getting involved means getting our own hands dirty with grease and soil as well as talk. The Space Studies Institute looks forward to seeing and promoting your experiments.

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