SSI 50: Space Access Transport and Logistics

October 7, 2019

Author: Smith

The first major panel from day two of SSI 50 at the Museum of Flight in Seattle was great on multiple levels.  First and foremost the content was top notch, but then that is no surprise to Space Studies Institute Associates as we have had a very long and solid relationship with the membership of The Space Access Society (
Each year Rocketry and Space Hardware veterans and deeply dedicated amateurs travel from all points of the globe to attend the Space Access Society conferences, where everyone gets a full serving of the latest detailed information on the realities of hardware in an environment that is almost unbelievably conducive to learning and advancing in the Space Transport and Logistics fields.
Over the years since the last official Space Studies Institute Space Manufacturing gathering, Henry Vanderbilt and his crew have welcomed SSI for conferences within their conferences, and at SSI 50 we were very pleased and proud to return the favor.
And what a great Space Access session it was!
Henry kicked things off with a “Cowboy’s Guide to The Rocket Equation” and then handed the reins to Jon Schilling of the Aerospace Corporation and to Dallas Bienhoff, founder of Cislunar Development Corporation, and then came the Q&A.
This is a professional two hour long session, and everyone who watches can and will get a lot out of it.

Just between us, Henry records many of the Space Access Society meetings but so far not a heck of a lot of them have been made public.  In 2015, however, we asked if a session from SSI President Gary C Hudson could be put on the SSI YouTube channel and in short order a tape came in the mail.  It was one of the very first we ever presented on YouTube and it is still an important thing to see. If you can’t wait for the upcoming video of the SSI 50 Bioneering panel to come out, you might want to get a taste of some of it at this G-Lab page here on

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