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David Valentine to Return in Summer to Organize Archives

Prof. David Valentine will be returning to SSI this summer to complete the organization of the institute’s archives that he began last year. David is an associate professor of Anthropology at the University of Minnesota who joined SSI as a visiting scholar for several weeks in 2011. He is working on a book about space.

SSI welcomes any donations of space books and other appropriate materials to expand our archives. Please contact us at to arrange a donation.

We have had offers to convert our essential technical files to an electronic format. We will keep you updated as matters progress in this area.

Senior Advisor Spotlight: John Mankins Launches Kickstarter Campaign for SPS Book

SSI Senior Adviser John C. Mankins has launched a KickStarter fund-raising campaign to fund a new high-quality, non-fiction book on space solar power. Mankins, an internationally recognized expert on the subject who is president of Artemis Innovation Management Solutions LLC, is attempting to raise $25,000 by Wednesday, June 27.

Please give what you can to help John reach his goal. Click here to donate.

Join the Great Enterprise Initiative by Supporting SSI

By Gary Hudson
SSI President

SSI now has a great opportunity to make additional important contributions to the technologies needed for space settlement.

Our Great Enterprise Initiative will be expensive and require years to accomplish. This work is necessary for us to plan the breakout into space. And your support now is more important than ever.

In the past, SSI has made incredibly good use of the funds donated by its Senior Associates, donors and members. Recall that SSI funded Spacewatch, which discovered the large population of near Earth asteroids that Planetary Resources now proposes to mine for useful materials. SSI designed Lunar Prospector that found water at the lunar poles. SSI has made significant advances in the science of closed environment life-support systems. SSI performed the first separation of lunar materials and developed processes to get engineering materials from the Moon.

SSI’s Great Enterprise Initiative consists of two ground-breaking programs. G-Lab is an orbital free-flyer laboratory where scientists will be able to investigate the long-term effects of partial gravity on humans and other vertebrates. G-Lab will co-orbit with the International Space Station, trailing about 10 km aft of the orbiting laboratory. E-Lab will be a ground-based facility dedicated to developing a full-scale, closed-loop environmental control system for use on long-term space habitats.

Raising sufficient capital is essential to move the G-Lab and E-Lab projects forward so that we have the means to support human life in space and so we know where we may feasibly settle.

As a non-profit organization, we rely upon your financial support. Help us continue our vital work. Click here to donate.