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MEGA Progress

Here’s a nice video by Bloomberg with recent news about the Mach Effect Gravity Assist (MEGA) thruster work underway in the lab and around the world.
Before we get to the Star Trek era, SSI sees a near term application for propellantless propulsion: station-keeping for structures in space.
Thanks to all Space Studies Institute senior associates, members, donors, supporters and volunteers, the research led by Professors Jim Woodward and Hal Fearn continues beyond the NASA NIAC grants that ended in 2020.

SSI 50: Professor Heidi Fearn Mach Effect Drives Update

The next video from the September 2019 SSI 50 Space Settlement Enterprise gathering held at the Museum of Flight in Seattle is SSI Senior Associate Professor Heidi Fearn’s Monday Lunchtime presentation “Mach Effects For In-Space Propulsion.”

This short but excellent video shows the current updates of Professor Fearn’s and Professor James Woodward’s (and Chip Akins’, John Brandenburg’s, T. Marshall Eubanks’, SSI President Gary C Hudson’s, Daniel Kennefick’s, Paul March’s, José Rodal’s and Jonathon Woodland’s) work on the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts MEGA Drive work.

As always, Professor Fearn kept even the non-physicists in the crowd fascinated and we hope that you enjoy the video as much as we all did live in Seattle.

Oh, by the way!  Heidi quickly mentions something that some folks weren’t aware of.  The August 2019 issue of Scientific American featured her and Dr. Woodward and the project work in the 8 page article by Sarah Scoles entitled “The Good Kind of Crazy.”


See up at the top right, “Fringe Physics – Wild ways to propel our species to the stars”?


If you missed it and don’t have a subscription to Scientific American so you can read it online, you can buy reprints from this link.  (Personally I just went to eBay and bought a couple of more physical copies to give to friends, paid about 9 dollars each.)

In any case, even newer information is now on the SSI YouTube Channel, from Professor Fearn’s Monday September 9th SSI 50 Lunch presentation.


Breakthrough Discuss 2018

SSI Senior Associate Dr. Heidi Fearn and Senior Advisor Jeff Greason join the Progress in Novel Space Propulsion panel at Breakthrough Discuss 2018.

Breakthrough Discuss was an invitation-only conference held April 12th and 13th at Stanford University featuring a who’s-who of advanced Space biology and physics topics. The conferences was co-hosted by Stanford University’s Department of Physics, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, NASA Astrobiology Institue and NASA Ames Research Center.

The complete video is uncut and includes long stretches of blank space, such as for the lunch break, but you can scroll through it and the video link we placed below should begin at the start of the Progress in Novel Space Propulsion session (6 hours 17 minutes into the 7 and a half hour video).

see the breakthrough Discuss agenda at: