SSI 50: The Videos!

October 1, 2019

Author: Smith

September 9th and 10th, 2019 at the Museum of Flight In Seattle, The Space Studies Institute presented SSI 50: The Space Settlement Enterprise.  Two focused days with ten sessions running the gamut from habitat design and bioneering to economics and construction techniques.
Today we are proud to announce the beginning of the releases of the complete set of videos on the SSI YouTube Channel.
We start with the first three hour session on Habitat Design.  The session was moderated by Dallas Bienhoff of Cislunar Development Corporation and featured presentations from Bruce Pittman of OffWorld Inc., Robert Richards of Northrop Grumman, Professor Fred Scharmen of Morgan State University, Suzanna Bianco of Space Cooperative and Space Decentral,  Al Globus of the National Space Society, John Blincow of Gateway Foundation and Anthony Longman of Skyframe Research.
Because this was a such a long session, we have broken the recording into two pieces.  The first part, the individual presentations, is two hours long, and the second part, of Q&A,  runs about an hour.
Embedded below is the first of the videos and we invite you to visit the SSI YouTube Channel to view the second part.
The direct links to these first videos are:
Part One:
Part Two:

The Staff, Senior Associates and Volunteers of The Space Studies Institute send our sincerest thanks to the Staff of the Museum of Flight for all of their wonderful assistance and to all of our presenters and friends who traveled to join us in Seattle. And we all  give a very hearty “Well Done!” to SSI SA Ed Wright and Executive Director Robin Snelson for the months of hard work that they put into organizing this truly special SSI event.
More videos are waiting in the wings, so watch for more releases here at SSI.ORG and at the SSI Announcements page on Facebook (
And, of course, we hope that you enjoy the videos, that you LIKE them and share them with others who might be of a mind to join us as we continue Working On The High Frontier.

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