SSI NIAC June 2017 Update from President Gary Hudson

SSI President Gary Hudson
SSI President Gary Hudson


Good Morning SSI Associates!

I wanted to personally give you this quick update on the Space Studies Institute Exotic Propulsion Initiative:

Earlier this month, several members of the SSI NIAC study team attended the NASA NIAC kickoff event in Washington, D.C. Besides delivering a short “elevator pitch” presentation, Professor Heidi Fearn and Drs. Marshall Eubanks, Bruce Long and José Rodal also presented a poster and slides which we’ve made available for download at the bottom of this post.

We’re now about twenty percent of the way along our study, and as we proceed we’ll provide progress reports on both the experimental, theoretical and conceptual probe work being undertaken.

Thank you very much for your personal support!

– Gary

The SSI NIAC team in DC
The SSI NIAC team in DC. l-r:  Dr. Jose Rodal, Professor Heidi Fearn, Dr. Marshall Eubanks and Dr. Bruce Long
SSI NIAC 2017 Overview Poster
SSI NIAC 2017 Overview Poster (click to show larger)

For your copy of the DC Kickoff presentation slides PDF click here !

For more information on the SSI Exotic Propulsion Initiative, including links to the full set of videos from the 2016 Breakthrough Propulsion Workshop, see the main project page on

Don’t forget, only with your personal support and generous contributions can we continue to turn great engineering ideas into positive realities.

SSI is working today on The High Frontier.  Join us!

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2 thoughts on “SSI NIAC June 2017 Update from President Gary Hudson”

  1. Does someone care to tell me what Dr.’s Woodward and Fearn are up to these days? I haven’t heard a peep out of them on their email list in over two months. I trust everything is fine with Dr. Woodward, healthwise.

  2. Hi Abe, please forgive my taking a bit to reply. President Gary tells us: ‘work is proceeding on the NASA NIAC grant and the next public update will come at the NASA NIAC September conference in Denver.’ The plan is that the conference will be streamed.

    Here is a link to the NIAC Symposium page:

    As far as I know Dr. Woodward continues to be the unstoppable physicist, they should make a hero character of him in the Marvel movies 🙂

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