SSI Newsletter Archive

As an aid to researchers, the Space Studies Institute is proud to release the texts of our member newsletters.

Every issue is a trove of information. Some issues contain highly technical parts, but all are very readable.  Start at the beginning and move along in order and you will come away with a “book” of value.

We will be posting issues in order of publication, however it seems that we may not have a complete set.  If a list for a year has holes and you have a copy in your collection that will help fill in any gaps, please contact us so we can arrange to add the content to the public archive.  Your originals will be treated with great care and returned upon request.

Mass Driver researchers take note that nearly every issue contains data for you.  And here’s a tip:  In the older newsletters the Mass Driver projects were labeled “mass-driver” with the hyphen, so when you use the site search feature try using the hyphenated version and you may find more references.

This is an ongoing project, so please check back often to see more years being added.





Technology for Human Space Settlement