SSI UPdate Newsletter Archive
As an aid to researchers, the Space Studies Institute is proud to release the texts of our member’s-only  SSI UPdate newsletters.

Every issue is a trove of information. Some issues contain highly technical parts, but all are very readable.  Start at the beginning and move along in order and you will come away with a “book” of value.  We’ll bet that there will be at least 11 of these that will knock you out.


Why did SSI stop doing printed SSI UPdate Newsletters and “thinazines”? Round about 1994-95, the Space Studies Institute started a dial-up bulletin board, then a listserv and in 1996 SSI went on the web.  Yeah, that early. SSI was on SecondLife too, talk about cutting edge!

While we still do email Newsletters for big important moments and even the occasional surprise printed SSI UPdate for a touch of fun nostalgia for our family of Associates, today Space Studies Institute announcements are on Facebook, SSI Videos are on the SSI YouTube Channel and SSI Audio is on the SSI Soundcloud Channel.

Times have changed and costs have risen. There definitely is something to be said for those olden days when SSI Associates looked forward to getting their UPdate in their mailbox but SSI lives by tax deductible donations from real people, and we try to be productive with your money.

However, if you really want print to return, you can actually make it happen… just click here. 🙂


And now, starting at the very beginning with Gerard K. O’Neill typing a one page letter on his typewriter, we present the History of The High Frontier Concept.  Enjoy.



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